Singular Surface

Valresa Coatings, using Virtual Melt technology, formulates, produces and distributes inks, primers, crosslinkers and specific topcoats for digital printing decoration on wood and other wood-based materials.
Singular Surface is the brand of Valresa that includes chemical products, as also varnishing and processes technical support, which the habitat, contract and advertising sector companies need to use digital printing and innovative coatings in their products, and so incorporate them from the first step of their projects.
The products that Valresa has developed for the digital printing market, vary from Virtual Melt products, which achieve unique properties due to their integration and assessment of the natural characteristics of the wood; to the family of products for digital UV printing, especially used in advertising and communication sectors.
Due to Virtual Melt technology, Valresa has created a range of products and solutions that adapt to different materials achieving high printing quality standards on wood and other wooden materials.





The digital printing applied to wood and furniture sectors

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Valresa will participate in AIDIMME's Productivity 4.0 Workshops, putting into practice innovative ideas in the field of production.

Surfaces with gradient shades

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Gradient tones add an elegant effect of movement to surfaces, cause by the progressive alternation of two colours or in many cases two finishes.

Evoking materials: the “regional terrazzo”

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Tom Dixon is this week at Maison & Objet launching a new display of innovation in decoration, focussing on the aromatisation of environments.

Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.

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Valresa Coatings, sensible a estos cambios de la Industria 4.0, desarrolla Singular Surface abordando una serie de transformaciones tecnológicas en diseño y producción,